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Dallas Moving Dolly Rentals
Renting Saves Money, Time, And Space
Often, you need to bring in large volumes of bulky and heavy equipment to stage an office or industrial move event. Renting is the perfect solution in most scenarios. With one phone call to Dallas Event Rentals you can have everything you need.
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Dallas Dolly And Hand Truck Rentals



4 Wheel Hard Wood Dolly 18" X 30" Rentals Dallas

Filing cabinets, furniture easily with this versatile heavy duty dolly.
Solid wood construction with heavy-duty non slip rubber tread for heavier items like filing cabinets , 4" non-marking mover Grade Wheels. Capacity: 1000 lbs

 $16.00 24hr Rental



lightweight truck. Steel deck with durable, red powder-coat finish.

  • Removable handle fits either end.

  • Easy to move 6" polyolefin casters: 2 swivel, 2 rigid.

    Capacity: 2000 lb

$46.50 24hr Rental 


Our appliance dolly has a 600# capacity and uses a heavy strap to hold appliances, big screens, etc. in place while moving. It also has belts on the back of the frame to ease travel up or down stairs. Makes your move easy and safe. The appliance dolly is a must have for all your moving needs

 $28.50 24hr Rental


3 Way DOLLY Rentals Dallas

This dolly serves as a handtruck, a tilt truck, or a platform dolly. The maximum load of 800 pounds can be carried in any one of the three positions. Design allows easy conversion to any one of the three styles. The 3 way dolly offers versatility to suit almost any moving need

 $26.50 24hr Rental

Desk Dolly Rentals Dallas

The desk dolly is designed to move office desks with ease. To use, simply roll dolly under desk and raise it up. The desk dolly has a 600 lb. capacity, measures 32 inches long by 22 inches wide, and is 4 3/4 inches high when lowered, and 10 1/4 inches high when raised


$36.50 24hr Rental 


Hand Rruck Dolly Rentals Dallas

The hand truck dolly has wide blade for moving boxes, etc. It also features pneumatic tires for transporting heavier loads, or loads over rougher terrain. The hand truck is the choice when your load needs to be moved over a surface such as a yard or grassy area

 $25.50 24hr Rental

Mule Dolly Rentals Dallas

The mule dolly has a 4200 pound lifting capacity and the long handle gives the used the leverage necessary to lift the edge of heavy items, which allows you to slide another dolly underneath. It has a 5 foot solid oak bar for strength along with a heavy steel foot. Solid steel casters allow you to roll across hard surfaces with ease

 $21.50 24hr Rental

2 Piece Piano Moving Dolly Rentals Dalllas

The two piece piano dolly is designed to move a variety of heavy objects such as pianos, boilers, soda machines, etc. It includes 2 straps that tie the two hand carts together and the adjustable straps lock around product securely. The retractable wheels allow instruments to rest on own weight while in transit to avoid skidding or rolling. The rubber and felt cushioning provide complete protection at contact points. There is a 1000 lb. load capacity per set

$41.50 24hr Rental 

Sheet Rock Moving Dolly Rentals Dallas

The drywall cart has an all steel structure of welded tubing. Corners are roundedand the bed is sloped to carry boards at proper angle. Comes with four heavy duty casters; two locking swivel casters and two straight casters. 48" long by 24" wide and 48" tall. The sheet rock dolly will go through most doorways.

 $42.50 24hr Rental 

Deluxe Skate

  • Crates stackable to 4 high
  • Skate rated for 100′s of lbs
  • 4″ swivel/non-marring casters
  • Increases mobility of crates
  • Plastic molded dolly is ‘nestable’ and provides durability and a smooth ride


$3.00 24hr Rental 

             Deluxe Crate

Exceeds industry manufacturing standards

27″ X 17″ X 12″

“True From” deep ergonomic carrying handles are designed for safer, easier lifting


$2.00 24hr Rental