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Dallas Uplighting And Gobo Systems

We have several types of lighting options for your event. We have traditional Par Can lighting and Gobo Lights, but we also have an extensive collection of LED lightting and up-lighting. LED's are becoming very popular because of their low wattage use and their versatility at an event. Our lighting system can be specifically designed and tailored for your event or wedding. We can have the exact colors of light that you desire, or can program our lighting system to change colors at any time and even change colors to the beat of the music. With our lighting and uplighting system, your lighting options are endless. We have a large selection of LED Lights, Pin spots, Par Cans, Gobo's, and uplighing to make your event memorable for years to come. Please give us a call and we will answer all of your questions regarding lighting.


    6 Inch Uplighter Led Light Base with adapter For Wedding Centerpieces Decoration.

    RGB LED lights, with remote controller, it can change to be 16 colors, and 4 different color changing programs. Flash-Strobe-Fade-smooth. there are 2 buttons on the controller. it can adjust the brightness when you choose the single color , or you can adjust the color changing speed ,when you choose the color changing mode. Battery will last 6hrs.




Dallas LED PAR 38 Rentals


The LED PAR 38 is a DMX intelligent LED Par Can. This Par Can is lightweight and compact which makes it a great piece for mobile DJs and clubs. This unit can be used as a stand alone fixture in sound-activated mode, or controlled via DMX controller.


Operating Modes:

 You can use the LED PAR 38 in four ways:

• Sound-Active mode - Reacts to sound, chasing through the built-in programs.

• Auto Mode - Automatically chases through the different colors.

• RGB Mode - Projects a single static color.

• DMX control mode - This function will allow you to control each individual fixture with a standard DMX 512 controller.







 Dallas LED PAR 64 Rentals


177 LED lights in a simple-to-operate PAR 64 for clear, long-lasting lighting.The Lighting LED Par 64 features 177 10mm LED lights (60 red, 56 blue, and 61 green) for a nice, affordable addition to any lighting rig. Giving you choices, this LED PAR light can run in DMX mode (7 channels) or auto mode RGB. It also has a color strobe effect, electronic dimming from 0 to 100%.





Dallas Wall Washer Rentals

Wall Washer


Brilliant High Power LED Color Mixing RGBW Wall Washer!


  • Functions: static colors, color temperature change, internal programs, strobe effect, Master/Slave
  • Ideal LED-luminary for outdoor use
  • Locking possibility at the mounting bracket
  • Perfect for stage and interior wall washing
  • Ready for connection with power cord and safety power plug
  • Advantages of high-power LED-technology: extreme light output





Mega Panel LED DMX Color Changing Panel

Hang the Mega Panel LED DMX Color Changing Panel from the ceiling for interesting strobe effects on a dance floor, or mount in on a truss for stage lighting that won't have your actors sweating over anything other than their lines. With 288 LEDs and 5 operation modes, it provides smooth RGB color mixing that is great for slow, constantly changing ambient lighting; hyperactive, bright strobing; or as a static, architectural wash.







American DJ GOBO Projector LED

A bright gobo projection light with 4 replaceable gobos and 4 color gels.


Thanks to it's high-quality optics and clear, powerful output, American DJ's GOBO Projector LED and it's bright white 10W LED lamp gives you a simple, yet solid gobolighting solution. Changing between the 4 replaceable gobo patterns takes seconds, and the FX Switch on the rear panel lets you go from static to a slow rotation. The GOBO Projector also includse 4 color gels - red, green, blue, and yellow. Since it's an LED lamp, you can leave it on all night without worrying about duty cycles or huge electric bills. It's an ideal solution for DJs or other places where fog cant' be used but you want a wall, ceiling, or floor projection that stands out


 $75.00 24hr Renhtal 


Gobo Projectors

ECO Spot 35 Standard ES-35

 Outperforms conventional 250W Projectors due to its extremely white light. Takes metal and glass gobos up to Full Color types Gobos are easy to interchange Gobo Dimensions (E-Size)                           

Outer diameter: 37.5 mm

Image diameter: 25 mm

Max. thickness: 4 mm


5 to 15 ft in bright environments

up to 30 ft in dim environments

up to 100 ft in dark environments






Light Stand








LED Advantages and Benefits


LED Power and Efficiency
The typical ratings for the amount of illumination a lamp can produce are expressed as “lumens” and are based on how many lumens a lamp can produce relative the amount of energy consumed. Lumens themselves represent the amount of light that hits an object at a given distance. The typical incandescent bulb is rated at approximately 15 lumens per watt and the higher efficiency halogen bulbs can only achieve at best approximately 25 lumens per watt. LEDs on the other hand, even in their lowest quality versions, achieve approximately 50-60 lumens per watt, with some manufacturers now producing LEDS which produce 160 lumens per watt. This gives any LED equipped lighting equipment a significant and distinct advantage over traditional incandescent lighting equipment.

LED Longevity
While a typical incandescent is rated at only 1000-3000 hours, LEDs are typically rated at anywhere from 20,000-50,000 hours. This means that an LED lamp can last for several years after installation before requiring replacement. Although several factors such as LED quality, how well it dissipates heat and how well the current supplied by the LED fixtures regulating apparatus is managed have a great deal to do with how long an LED may last, it is generally accepted that when properly designed and installed, LEDs will far outlive most other forms of lighting equipment. Magnalight LEDs are of high quality and excellent design, ensuring the maximum amount of operational life possible.

LED Efficiency = Cost Effectiveness
Up to 90% of an incandescent bulbs energy is wasted as heat created by the electrical resistance of the filament, making them more effective as heaters than as sources of illumination! An incandescent bulb produces approximately 15 lumens of light per watt while quality LEDs in contrast produce 60 or more lumens per watt. This equates to a lot more light being produced with a great deal less energy. While a 60 watt incandescent will produce 900 total lumens, an LED of only 15 watts can produce the same amount. That’s ¼ the amount of energy for the same amount of light.If we also factor in the inherently long life of LEDs, the savings grow even larger, as LEDs outlast most types of lamps by a margin of three, five, or even ten to one. This means that it could take up to ten traditional incandescent bulbs to equal the lifespan of a single LED lamp. For a business that spends $450,000 on lighting, switching all their lighting to LEDs could theoretically cut their lighting costs by 50+%, resulting in net savings of $250,000 or more.


LEDs or, Light Emitting Diodes

12 LED Light Emitter - 10 Watt LEDs - 10,800 Lumen - 7100'L X 325'W Spotlight - MADE IN THE USA

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode”. An LED is a small piece of semi conducting material that is impregnated with various compounds. When electrical current is passed through this “doped” semi conducting material, the electrical energy is emitted by the semi conductor as “photons” or, light. The process by which LEDs produce light is known as electroluminescence and it is a much more efficient process than that used in incandescent lamps. This process creates little heat and more of the current applied to the diode is emitted as light. With less energy radiated as heat, more energy is emitted as light, giving LEDs much greater efficiency than incandescent lamps.


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